Kolter is the moniker of the electro-acoustic experimentalist Jan Stütz. Born and still working as an artist in Darmstadt he’s inheriting and expanding the tradition of the famous „Neue Musik“-Scene that’s blossoming in his hometown ever since the late 40’s. Despite the fact that he worked with Fennesz, shared the stage with artists like To Rococo Rot and being honored with the Darmstädter Musikförderpreis last year Kolter’s critically acclaimed electro-acoustic improvisations are a well kept secret yet to be discovered by a wider audience. Working with guitar, laptop, dulcimer and various, sometimes found objects Kolter’s sound can be described as an idiosyncratic take on dark ambient music with references to modern composition, improv and minimal techno. A tour de force through 20th century avantgarde music, drawing from the elders and still adding something fresh.

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